1. Bakyt

    Michael, this blog entry is so tasty… It made want to try all those wonderful dishes. If Melbourne is the capital of brunches, then the Kyrgyz Republic is a country of 24-hour (or even non-stop) dinners. You should check out the Third World Nomad Games there: seems like Australia is not represented this year. You absolutely need try the Kyrgyz cuisine, which benefited a lot from being on the Great Silk Road, and fermented mare’s milk.

    • Hi Bakyt, thanks for reading! Melbourne brunch is definitely a perfectly valid reason to make the 24 hour journey to Australia! 😉 I hadn’t heard about the World Nomad Games before – they look really interesting, particularly the Burkut Saluu. I won’t be able to make it this year, but I’ll have to put it on the list for a couple of years time. And just did some research on Kyrgyz cuisine – looks yum! Although I’m not so sure about the fermented mare’s milk… 😉

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